Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Totally Floored

Some pics of the floor refinishing...

Before (with cat pee stain!):


Before (third story):

Three layers of pain:

All ripped up:

After (third story):

Before (levelor hell):

After (*angels singing*):

A pile of nasty crap:

So, after the closing on the house my husband and I drove over with a bottle of champagne and two glasses to do the walk through and celebrate. We split the bottle on the deck and ran through all the big empty rooms shouting and laughing.

At one point I fell down drunk on the carpet in one of the upstairs rooms and just lay there giggling madly because I was so happy. It struck me that the carpet was kind of dirty but at the time I truly did not care.

The following day we came back to rip all that carpet up because the floors are going to be sanded and refinished before we move in, and WOW were we in for a nasty surprise. I didn't realize that the previous owners even had a cat, let alone a cat with severe urinary incontinence. Or monkeys.

We ripped up three rooms of carpet two of which were pretty nice and one which was badly damaged by cat pee. And then I had an allergy attack and had to stop because I was covered in hives. We drove back to NY to pack, and then I totally freaked out and drove back up over the weekend of the 4th to rip up all the carpet on the third floor in three days.

I was highly motivated. By pure rage.

When it got too dark to see carpet nails, I spent the early evening tearing down old dusty crappy levelor blinds which were covered in dust and dead bugs. Oh, and crappy faux lace polyester curtains in the bathroom which had mold on them. Oh and pulling NAILS out of the beautiful wood. And cursing. I accumulated a pile of nasty trash in the basement that is all disgusting crap I have ripped off of the house.

Soon it will go to the dump, which for a fee of only $35/year will supposedly accept *anything*. I'll be putting that to the test.


  1. A buddy of mine took up the carpet in his first home and discovered that a dog had given birth to puppies in one corner of the master bedroom. He tried everything to get the smell out, but it had penetrated so deeply that the only thing that finally solved it was to cut out a 4x4 piece of subfloor (that's right - to the joists) and replace it.

    The floors look absolutely amazing! We'd love to have you visit our house. Bring your sander.

  2. Wow! How did he figure that out? Maybe I don't want to know.