Saturday, October 30, 2010

Geek Chic Table Arrived!

Last night the two guys from Geek Chic arrived, carried the table parts all the way to our 3rd floor and assembled it for us. It was so beautiful, looks fantastic. I'm so glad we went with the green top, it's a really classic playing surface.

And the cheap bar chairs we got from the basement of the discount furniture store look *perfect*. Haha!

Tonight we will be playing on it!

A whole lot of THINGS are going to happen this weekend because of the Halloween Party. It has provided the motivation to tile the bar as well (pics of that in next post). Also we got real, actual beds so that my pregnant friend does not have to try to get up out of the inflatable bed.

Getting the beds home was fun.

But they look nice.

No pic of the other bed since people are still sleeping in it <3