Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amazing China

The scope of the entire set:

A butter dish? with area underneath for ice:

Three salt shakers (because no should ever have to pass the salt):

OMG glasses!:

Close up of the detail on the borders:

My goddaughter's mother's grandmother (follow that one) needed a home for a gigantic set of china and glassware from 1910 and yesterday I drove eight hours round trip to Lake Placid to pick it up.

Fortunately it was beautiful fall weather, her grandmother is a delightful person and also the china is unbelievable.

Unpacking it last night it just seemed to keep coming in a never ending flood of gold embossed rims.

Yes, it's all mine! It just seems to belong in my house, looking so at home on top of the gigantic Stickley table. *dances* Next time dinner at my place will be so fancy!