Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Lists is NOT a sign of going crazy....

We just passed the one year housiversary! It's hard to believe all the stuff that has happened in just one year.

Recently, I went through yet another period of inertia. I guess that's pretty common in renovating a large place like this. So I decided to make a list of all the things done in the last year, to motivate myself.

And it worked! I got motivated to finish painting my office, replace pulls and install tile countertop in the bar, and make a new post instead of hiding my head in despair because of having so little to post about.

The pics of the office are coming soon, but today I will post the list. Feel free to skim. It's LOOOOOONG! *holds up head proudly*

1. ripped up 2 floors carpet
2. refinished floors
3. renovated the kitchen (new everything)
4. remove bar wallpaper
5. painted the downstairs living room and dining room and foyer and bar
6. remove laundry wallpaper, repaint laundry
7. take down all the nasty bug filled blinds!
8. new dining room table and chairs
9. new kitchen table
10. fixed the heat
11. cleaned fireplaces
12. cleaned gutters
13. BBQ party!
14. stickley bookshelves
15. replaced light in the foyer
16. replaced bedroom and hallway lights
17. new showerheads
18. shopping at Brimfield (twice!)
19. framed some artwork (not yet hung) (haha I said "hung")
20. new light fixtures in the bar

Whew! That is a lot and I know I'm leaving out many much smaller things, but the big ones are in there.

Feeling accomplished, now off to my actual job.