Sunday, July 8, 2012

There has been a long delay between my last post and this one due to several new additions. Not to the the family:
They arrived a bit early in late January and are doing fine.
This event did result in the creation of the nursery.
Before it looked like this:
Here it is ready to paint.
Note also the (mostly busted) reproduction lighting:
There was a shark drawn in pencil on the corner of the wall:
This is the nice new lighting from Restoration Hardware:
Here it is all in butter yellow. Crib is from Target.
The changing table is actually an Ikea kitchen island. Note: double changing pads for twins!
The greatest thing about this room is all the built ins- plenty of shelving. Also featured in this picture: plush dog, tripod lighting, cat asleep on a pillow by the window:
The next phase is to put up art. We have some prints of dragons by Ron Rodecker to frame and put up. From now on I will try to update this blog in the usual at least once per month fashion!