Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Sunroom: A Window and a Floor!

The screen on the sunroom before (totally busted!)

The beautiful windows. The curve at the bottom of the window which was present in the screens at the point where they joined the house was preserved by taking arch windows and turning them upside down!

The floor in progress:

The original bedroom floor harmonizes with the color of the new floor. A good match:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Light and a Door

The master bedroom had a screened in porch off of it, which would have been lovely if it had not been so totally busted. A year ago we decided to make it into a four season room. This is the first of the posts about that process.

The old porch light:

You can really tell in this photo that the walls are the exterior shingles of the house, and how badly damaged they are after so much time exposed to the elements.

The new porch light (it really turns on!):

We wanted a craftsman style swing arm light so it could be adjusted above a reading chair. More about those windows in the next post.

The door (with lead paint and no flooring):

These doors are original and all the glass is custom sized, so I am so happy that we were able to keep them.

The door (repainted, refurbished, intact, with floor installed):

I am actually sitting in this room typing this, in a large paisley armchair with a big ottoman and it's awesome. More pics to come!