Monday, July 27, 2009

Ho Hobo Oil

So, after ripping up all the carpet I called my mom for advice about getting the floors refinished, and she suggested that instead of polyurethane I tell the floor fellows to use jojoba oil.

Because you know what I want to do, in addition to painting and cleaning everything in the house? Refinish my floors on a weekly basis with stuff that I usually associate with tiny blue Crabtree and Evelyn bottles that cost 20$ for 6 fluid ounces.

The best part of it was when I told friend M. about it, and she misheard me as "Hobo Oil". We had visions of poor, unlucky in love hobos coming in from the cold to be pressed just so that we could have first cold pressed extra virgin Hobo Oil.

Finally I did tell my mom we weren't going to do that, but that didn't go so well either.

Mom: I can't wait to come visit you and see how beauteous the floors look all refinished with jojoba oil!
Me: Well, actually we had three coats of polyurethane put down.
Mom: Oh, no!
Me: Well, the floors weren't nice enough for jojoba oil, you see, because of the cat urine...
Mom: Maybe I won't be visiting.

I am thinking of buying some jojoba oil for the guest bathroom, so that she can moisturize herself, but I'll have to tell her please not to pour it on the floor.


  1. That so sounds like your mother! Gotta love 'er :)

  2. Silly! Everyone knows that Hobo Oil isn't made OF hobos; it's made BY hobos. Out of vagrants.