Thursday, July 16, 2009


This morning we got up, packed our stuff (we have been staying with extremely tolerant friends) and headed off to that gigantic antiques fair.

It was way bigger than I expected. I mean, I saw the website, I linked you to it, but not much can prepare you for an event that has its own food court and onsite motel.

We looked at maybe half of it, and we are coming back on Sunday with a U-haul. We bought two dressers from the 1940's with an inlay of feathers on the top drawer and a repro Tiffany drop lamp. Oh, and I bought a gold pin.
Also the lemonade was delicious.

Tiffany lamp in box:

Old staircase lamp:

Tiffany lamp (installed by handier-by-the-minute husband):

We had a good time at Brimfield and I am v. proud of him for the lamp installation, which is good because the laundry room reno caused some friction. It is relatively unimportant and also more time consuming than I thought, but not more time consuming than anyone else told me to expect. I had a minor fight over it with my husband which basically went like this:

Me: It needs to be done, it needs to be done now, and I'm the one who's going to do it.
Him: There are so many other things that need to be done!
Me: But this needs to be done NOW!
Him: It's a LAUNDRY ROOM!!
Me: That's where you're RIGHT! Wait a minute...

I think maybe I felt I had to do it first because I knew that if I botched it nothing bad would happen. Not like the consequences of botching, say, painting the main living room. Well, it is done. And now I am sitting in my sunroom enjoying the newly minted wireless in our house and drinking Madeira out of a champagne glass, because it's the only kind of glass we currently have.

Tomorrow the movers will bring all of our stuff and I'll be able to drink Madeira out of a jam jar as The Lord intended.


  1. Why home improvements are harder than medicine:
    1. Just try to get DIY malpractice insurance
    2. If you screw up with a patient and he kicks it, it's all over but the morbidity and mortality conference. If you screw up the staircase lamp, you hear about it from yor wife every time you come home.
    For the next 40 years.
    3. In medicine, you don't get hands-deep in a procudure, only to discover that your patient is metric and your #%@*&-ing equipment is imperial.

  2. Also, in medicine it is a good idea not to say things like "Well, maybe if I use THIS doohickey...."