Sunday, January 9, 2011


Over the holidays we had the delightful experience of staying with writer friends Ellen and Delia. Prior to moving into a (huge, gorgeous) New York apartment Delia had renovated her previous Victorian home with beautiful original and period lighting, wallpaper and furnishings.

Every square inch of their apartment is an inspiration to me, and I got to spend hours talking about colors and comparing samples. I left with a lot of ideas. Unbelievably, because they are so short on space I also left with some of their stuff- including a beautiful tapestry which they did not have space to hang and so I am "babysitting" it until they want it back.

Today it got hung, in the foyer, and it looks great over the vintage chest:

This is how it looks now when I open my front door:

Huzzah! So Medieval and fairytale looking! I feel like I should be answering the door in a houppelande!

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  1. Oh, wow! I can't imagine a nicer place for it, or a nicer way to open a door: Welcome to Faerie.... (Now, though, you need a suitably Gothick chandelier for the entry hall.)