Sunday, August 23, 2009

You say it's my birthday....

We had the first actual party in the house, and it was excellent. Still not fully set up, so I decided to call it a BYOB party- not booze, we have plenty of that. Bring your own BED.

People brought air mattresses, and everyone had a big empty room. We got the door repainted, just in time, and the knocker installed. Happily the color turned out really nice when it dried, since there was a while before it dried where it looked pink.

My husband at work:

The red door:

Nice knocker:

It was wonderful to have people in the house having a good time. Also one guest dog, who is so cute!

Sleepy puppy:

The highlights by far were a wonderful dinner including BBQ Salmon and fresh local corn, make your own sundaes with cake mix-in (yeah, the busted 1959 oven burned the whole top off the cake, but it worked out), and FIRE DANCING!

Gorgeous Genevieve spinning fire on her knees on our back deck:

Drea looking serene in a wheel of flame:

Drea and Genevieve together:

A multi-armed Goddess of Fire:

One of the happiest birthdays I've ever had. Especially since the age at which you are supposed to stop caring about your birthdays is 21, and that was ,um, a few years ago. Fire spinning will be happening at many future parties, that is certain.

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  1. :) glad you had a happy, wish I could have been there to give you a squish. If only I could harness the power of being a half-dozen places at once.

    Much love,